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Red Wagon Pizza

We celebrated National Pizza Month at one of our favorite places in the Twin Cities to grab a slice!

Red Wagon Pizza Company

Pizza has long been a way of life for Chef-Owner Peter Campbell, whose family made pies as a regular pastime. These days, he's serving artisan pizzas that have won over fans like the DDD crew. Guy stopped in for the Red Wagon Pizza.

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Midtown Yeah, we've got a lot of new breweries, but what this one has that the others don't is a location right in the Midtown Global Market, which means the food options are endless. If you want to pair your beers with Mexican, Korean, Vietnamese, Italian, American or African food, you can do exactly that.

Red Wagon Pizza Now Open in South Minneapolis | City Pages

At first glance it's just an old-timey piece of Italian-Americana, not unlike the evocative photos of the Old Country that add a little authenticity to a Punch pizzeria. In fact, it's owner Pete Campbell's grandparents and their young family, enjoying a scratch pizza pie in 1950s New Jersey, where the family lived at the time.

Best Pizza | Red Wagon Pizza | Food & Drink | Best of the Twin Cities® 2015 | City Pages

Pizza preference can bring otherwise genteel, thinking folk to near fisticuffs. You like that Neopolitan sag? Sick! Cracker thin and crispy? Boring! Deep dish? Don't...

Red Wagon Pizza Co (Minneapolis, Mn) Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives

FULL GUIDE & PHOTOS of the food choices, location, contact info and address of Red Wagon Pizza Co restaurant featured in Minnesota.

Red Wagon Pizza

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The Best Spots for Pizza in the Twin Cities

The Twin Cities have been #blessed with a pretty great pizza scene, one filled with a group of restaurants that span the catalogue of pie joints: from the classic shop that refuses to fall off the top of its saucy throne, to those newer ones creating some never-before-seen (and -tasted) concoctions.

Pizza, Meet Rice Bowl: Red Wagon Pizza Mashup at World Street Kitchen | City Pages

Coke or Pepsi? Coffee or tea? Double stuffed Oreo, regular, or red velvet? Sake or sochu? Half caf or no caf? Ramen burger or cronut...

Red Wagon Pizza Is Americana at Its Finest | City Pages

But when you meet Pete Campbell and spend even the shortest time chatting with him about his new pizzeria Red Wagon, it's difficult to imagine him as anything other than a pizza slinger (though he spent the first part of his working life in corporate America and he also did a lot of the above - work hard a long time, boot straps, etc.).

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What is the best mobile pizza joint in the Minneapolis/ St. Paul metro area? We picked Red Wagon Pizza Company, Little G's, and Big River Pizza. Other notables include Olive Pizza in Eagan, Vesuvio's in Brooklyn Center, Streetzza, and Red R...

Red Wagon Pizza finds new home in the former In Season location in south Minneapolis | City Pages

Campbell will be taking over the 54th and Penn spot where chef Don Saunders operated his much beloved fine dining restaurant In Season, and where chef Erick Harcey once talked of opening his concept, the Bent Arrow. Campbell has also taken over the old yarn shop directly next door for a little additional square footage.

Best dishes countdown #32: Pizza rolls at Red Wagon Pizza | City Pages

Bearing no resemblance to those processed chunks that get poured out of a frozen bag, Red Wagon pizza rolls give regular old pizza a run...

First Bite: Pizza/Not Pizza at Red Wagon

Red Wagon Pizza Co. , which started as a farmers' market dream from commerical real estate guy Pete Campbell, recently opened an actual pizza restaurant in South Minneapolis, in the former In Season spot. With the annexing of the next door yarn shop, the space is much roomier and open, with tables and a few big-party booths.

Red Wagon Pizza Company in Armatage, Minneapolis - The Heavy Table

Pizza is the most fun food. Pizza has gooey melted cheese, chewy bubbly crust and rich, spicy sauce. You eat pizza with your hands, usually surrounded by people you love, or at least people with whom you are trying to have a good time. The announcement: "Let's go out for / order pizza!"

There's a New Pie in Town! Introducing Red Wagon Pizza Co. | Simple, Good and Tasty

I first met Pizza Pete (a.k.a Peter Campbell) before our school's fundraiser on a balmy night this past February. I was in charge of the bar (no small feat for this particular fun-lovin' SW Minneapolis Catholic school) and Pete was in charge of . . . you guessed it, the pizza.